Apertis is a versatile open source infrastructure, fit for a wide variety of electronic devices, with a history within the automotive industry. Security and modularity are two of its primary strengths. Apertis provides a feature-rich framework for add-on software and resilient upgrade capabilities. Beyond an operating system, it offers tools and cloud services to optimise development and increase reliability.

Production Friendly

Apertis provides suitably licensed, tested releases.

Apertis aims to accomplish the following goals:

Ensure that all the software shipped in Apertis is open source or at least freely distributable, so that downstreams are entitled to use, modify and redistribute work derived from our deliverables.

Ensure that Apertis images targeting devices (such as target and fixedfunction), are not subject to licensing constraints that may conflict with the regulatory requirements of some intended use cases.

Apertis undergoes regular automated and manual testing on the reference hardware with publicly available results.

Frequent Releases

A fresh stable version of Apertis is released yearly.

Each Apertis release is based on the most recent mainline kernel LTS release and the current Debian stable release. Since Debian releases roughly once every two years, that means that there will typically be two Apertis product releases based on a single Debian stable release. With the Linux kernel providing an LTS release yearly, each Apertis product release will be based on a different (and then current) Linux kernel LTS release.

The standard support period for each Apertis stable release is 7 quarters. In other words from the initial release at the end of Q1 until the end of the next year.

Developer Ready

Ready to use infrastructure, automation and images.

Apertis provides infrastructure which is configured to enable a highly automated, optimised workflow, with CI pipelines performing automated testing and packaging.

To facilitate evaluation of Apertis and to provide a foundation for further development, Apertis provides a number of pre-built images for Intel (64-bit) and ARM (32-bit and 64-bit) for use on the Apertis reference hardware platforms.

Additionally Apertis provides an SDK image to simplify development for the platform.

Current issues are tracked in the Apertis issues board